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    proxomed Medizintechnik, Fitnessgeräte & Trainingsgeräte
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    proxomed Medizintechnik, Fitnessgeräte & Trainingsgeräte
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    proxomed Medizintechnik, Fitnessgeräte & Trainingsgeräte
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proxomed offers innovative medical technology in physical training therapy for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, physiotherapy practices and health centers. Due to the constant development of the extensive product range on the one hand and the addition of service, software and consulting on the other, proxomed has evolved into a diverse solution provider for its customers.

MTT - Medical Training TherapyMTT - Medical Training Therapy, also known as device-supported active rehabilitation within a medical setting. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy practices, health clinics and medical professionals provide MTT after surgery or as a conservative approach of treatment to improve the patients physical health and condition.

Our main goal is to enhance the motoric skills of a patient. The improvement of strength, endurance, coordination, velocity and flexibility is of central importance. Specifically planned and focused activities stimulate joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Also, the motoric cortex gets a stimuli main part in the active exercise treatment. During the MTT phase it is important that devices can be individually adjusted with light weights that progress slowly and are carefully controlled in speed, range of motion and coordination. Due to the improved capacity of the neuromuscular and cardiovascular joint system, supporting muscles and the cardiopulmonal system are considerably relieved.
Oddvar Holten is known as the founder of MTT. The Norwegian (1921-1995) developed the first relevant medical training therapy products and conducted studies to show the importance of the therapy. To manage and document the progress of the treatment, patient testing on devices is essential to lead to an individual treatment program which is the focus of proxomed® developed products. The variation of the machines to adapt to the needs of patient makes the difference of medical devices.

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